Digital Cinematography Program Hosts 24-Hour Film Competition [Video]

Digital Cinematography Program Hosts 24-Hour Film Competition

As a way to keep students continuously honing their craft, Full Sail’s online Digital Cinematography Bachelor’s Degree program hosts mini film competitions throughout the year. Earlier this month, they held their very first 24-Hour Film Festival & Competition, which was open to all students in the program.

“We most recently did a six-hour competition, to show the students how fast six hours goes by,” said Digital Cinematography Program Director Bob Truett. “Then students were asking if they could do more, so we decided to do this 24-hour one.”

The competition kicked off at noon on Saturday, May 11, and students had exactly 24 hours to shoot, edit, and upload a one-to-two-minute film. While the content matter was up to them, there were a few parameters (known as “The Secret Sauce”) that they had to follow. They had to choose two items from each of these three pre-determined categories and incorporate them into their film: Props (an umbrella, a box of letters, and a key), Character/Genre (comedy, mom, and musical), and Lines of Dialogue (“I gave up going to ___ for this?,” “I always liked your brother best,” and “I was born at night … but not last night”). Digital Cinematography instructors were on hand throughout the day and night to answer any technical questions the students had.

In total, 15 films from students across the country were submitted. A trio of judges from the Orlando area watched all of them and \ announced yesterday that the winning film is Mom, which was written, produced, and directed by student Jeremiah Gonda.

Besides healthy competition, another benefit of these mini-festivals is the constructive feedback students will receive. The judges, along with faculty members, will be giving their comments and advice to each of the students that participated. The department hopes to host competitions like this on a quarterly basis.

You can watch all of the films submitted over at



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