Digital Arts & Design Faculty Tell Us Their Favorite Design & Photography Blogs

Digital Arts & Design Faculty Tell Us Their Favorite Design & Photography Blogs

When it comes to popular interest blogs, design and photography are huge ones. But with literally thousands of blogs and websites to weed through, which ones are worth checking out on a regular basis? We went to the Digital Arts & Design department and asked Lab Specialists Carson Wampler and Gary Nusinov and Course Director Lesley Silvia – all faculty members with a passion for photography – what some of their favorite websites were. Check out some of their picks below.


photography and design blogs-99u

99u. “A lot of what I look at these days is not strictly photography, but general art and design. This site has really good articles on the process, the life, and the theories behind being a designer.” –Lesley

photography design blogs-abduzeedo

Abduzeedo Design Inspiration & Tutorials. “A good collection of current and upcoming designers, plus tutorials on how to get a similar look.” –Lesley

design photography blogs-agonistica

Agonistica Cult of Photography“Focuses on photography as art and tends to feature portfolio work over articles. It’s visually and artistically stimulating.” –Gary

photography design blogs-design milk

Design Milk. “Really good collection of cutting-edge design.” –Lesley

design photography blogs-it's nice that

It’s Nice That. “Most of the photography I come across is delivered via blogs/websites that curate many types of media. This site stands out for me and features both newly discovered and seasoned photographers.” –Carson

design photography blogs-peta pixel

PetaPixel. “The site tends to focus on technical issues surrounding digital photography and new technology. It satisfies the photo geek in me.” –Gary

photo design blogs-swiss miss

Swiss Miss. “This is not only a really good collection of well thought out design, but the site also has some great quotes to reflect on and articles about the design process.” –Lesley


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