Degree Spotlight: Creative Writing for Entertainment

Full Sail’s Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelor’s Degree program teaches all of the fundamentals that other creative writing programs cover, but goes a step further by including courses and workshops on how to write for film, episodic television, games, comics, and graphic novels.

“To strip it all down, at its heart is storytelling,” says Noelani Cornell, the Creative Writing for Entertainment Program Director.

While many students come into the 20-month program with an idea of what medium they want to write for, students still must take classes in all of them. Many of the classes are in a workshop format, meaning students share their work not only with their instructors, but also with their classmates. According to Noelani, these workshops provide two benefits: they help the author to get feedback and also give feedback as well.

Other courses include Literary Techniques and Story Development, Publishing and Distribution, and Revisions and Editing, and throughout the entire program, students compile a sampling of their best work, which is put into a personal portfolio that they can later show to potential employers.

Upon graduation, students can pursue a variety of career paths (like story editing, script reading, content writing, and more) while working on the ultimate goal of breaking into their preferred industry. “Write daily, enter writing into competitions, find internships, and work on establishing contacts within the industry,” says Noelani. “It’s crucial [after graduation] to continue to pursue the goal of being an entertainment writer.”



2 thoughts on “Degree Spotlight: Creative Writing for Entertainment

  1. Avatar Jay says:

    Ahh even though im in WDD i have always had a passion for writing! 🙂 i would love to read some of the things my fellow fullsail students produce!!!

    1. Avatar shufei says:

      The writing is important for film, game, comic… I’m going to work hard with writing because I’m beginning game design master next week which requires lots of papers.

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