David Bowie Tribute Concert Rocks the Treehouse

The Treehouse Roots concert series hosted its third event earlier this month as a tribute to the late Davie Bowie. Around 25 students were selected to perform their interpretations of the iconic rocker’s songs, and were split into eight acts with one to three songs per act for the event.

We’re trying to come up with an idea that involves students in an activity that honors the songwriters of the past, and at the same time includes students in actually learning what these songs were, so we decided to develop the Treehouse Roots series,” said Associate Course Director for Music Production bachelor’s and event sponsor Logan Belle.

The house was packed with students, faculty, and staff who enjoyed music that spanned decades of the singer’s career, with hits like “Space Oddity” and ending with “Lazarus,” a song from his last album. For one student, it was his first time performing in front of an audience. The event was live streamed to include online participants, and a few parents who were watching sent along support for their kids via chat message.

“After [David Bowie] passed, I started listening to his music more and I thought it would be a good way to honor him and get some experience performing in front of people. This is only the second performance I’ve done,” said Music Production bachelor’s student Caemon Connors. Caemon performed “Fame” and “China Girl” with his classmates Zandi Ashley Cabiltes (Music Production bachelor’s) and Gary Huxoll (Recording Arts bachelor’s).

Co-sponsor for the event Mike Conner, a Trainer for Faculty Development, explained that the goal is to host a Treehouse Roots concert once every three months. Mike and Logan are hoping to host the next event a little early in June to honor Prince, who recently passed last month.



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  1. Julia says:

    I love David Bownie. I think is amazing that 25 students were selected to perform their interpretations of the songs. Is cool because the students are studying this and also living this.

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