Colombian Soccer Comedy ‘Nos Vamos Pal Mundial’ Edited by Grad

The 2014 World Cup has brought soccer back into the global mainstream this summer, with the U.S. broadcasts alone setting new viewership records for ESPN. With the games coming to a close this weekend, fans going through withdrawal might want to check out the new independent film project Nos Vamos Pal Mundial.

Shot in Bogota, Colombia, the sports comedy was released in South America this April, and spent five weeks in theaters where it gained a loyal audience against competition from major local and international features.

Among those who helped produce the hit project was 2009 Film graduate Manual Monsalve. Manuel was editor on Nos Vamos Pal Mundial, and worked closely with co-directors Fernando Ayllon and Andres Orjuela Bustillo to find the right rhythm for the humor.

“It was awesome because they gave me freedom on the project, and we laughed a lot while editing it,” he says. “I don’t have words for it, we were a small movie, with not a lot of advertisement, and our budget and time were limited. The whole movie was done in two months, from the start of principal photography to the final delivery to theaters. Trust me it was a lot of long nights, but we had a lot of fun doing it, and I guess that reflects in the box office. I’m really proud of how well its done.”




2 thoughts on “Colombian Soccer Comedy ‘Nos Vamos Pal Mundial’ Edited by Grad

  1. Avatar Alftor23 says:

    This movie looks very good, and very funny. It’s a some like our brothers from Colombia are making great jobs in the entertainment world. The trailer looks like a interesting movie, and I would like watch this movie. But was a shame that Colombia couldn’t be in the final, but they fighted much to do it. Congratulation for this project, and I hope they can make more film like this.

    1. Avatar Mino Rothe says:

      Agree with Alfred it’s looks like they are going to of all the things good for the soccer team and I hope. The enjoy everything and can do the team and some day it’s going to be good make a Venezuela soccer team to

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