Check Out These Staff Picks from the Full Sail Library

Feel like checking out something from the Library, but not sure what you want or don’t really have to time to roam around aimlessly browsing? We asked a few of the Library staff members to share with us some of their favorite picks.

(And online students, you can get your hands on these items, too. To check out something from the Library, just search the Online Library Catalog for what you want, and send an e-mail with the title of the item, call number, and your contact information to Your items will be at your doorstep in about three to five days, complete with a pre-paid envelope for returns.)

  • Future Foundation [a comic book team that first appeared in the Fantastic Four series]. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to care for this series. The Fantastic Four were never one of my favorite super teams. The villains they fought were always more interesting to me: Dr. Doom, Galactus, the Mad Celestials … these were some serious heavy hitters. But from the first panel, Brian Hickman had me hooked. It was like he read my mind and said, ‘I’m going to completely dismantle the FF and put them back together as something completely new.’ So, the Human Torch dies, Spider-Man joins the team, and so does Dr. Doom. The last panel of every chapter is literally a jaw-dropper. Longtime Marvel fans won’t be disappointed, but they will be shocked and amazed.” – Dan Still, Library Catalog Specialist
  • “Strangely enough, my favorite Library pick this week (it varies from week to week) is a database. Westar database is a super cool royalty free, copyright free sound effects and music library available for download. You can download music tracks for multimedia, film projects, and gaming sound effects. It’s even cool for making cricket sound ringtones. Everyday I hear from Full Sail students and faculty how awesome it is, so I highly recommend it.” – Kelly McCallister, Directory of Library Services
  • “A favorite movie of mine is A Fish Called Wanda. In the movie, two of the Monty Python fearsome six (John Clease and Michael Palin) and two Americans (Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin “Don’t Call Me Stupid” Kline) pull off a heist. They are a gang led by Tom Gorgeson: Poor Tom is double-crossed by Kevin and Jamie, then Jamie double-crosses Kevin. All this is done with a Monty-Pythonesque humor that has me laughing every time I see the movie.” – Donald Royster, Library Technical Assistant



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