Catching Up with Education Media Design & Technology Master’s Grad Rath Loeung

Checking In with Education Media Design & Technology Grad Rath Loeung

Here’s a simple definition of instructional design: combining the digital world’s media resources with modern instructional methods to create meaningful learning experiences, which can be done in both a corporate and an educational environment. For Full Sail University Education Media Design & Technology Master’s [Note: the program is now called Instructional Design & Technology Master’s] graduate Rath Loeung, that means helping professors at Texas State Technical College utilize their areas of expertise by bringing technology into the classroom.

As a high school math teacher, Rath found himself always helping other teachers with their tech needs. So after some research, he decided to enroll in Full Sail’s Education Media Design & Technology Master’s online program.

“It sort of echoed where my passion goes, with technology and helping educators use what’s out there,” says Rath.

Shortly after graduation in 2012, Rath started as an Instructional Designer at Texas State Technical College, where he trains instructors and other staff members on the school’s “Moodle” learning management system. Beyond teaching professors how to input grades into the system, he encourages and teaches them how to embed videos, create quizzes, and add other interactive elements to their curriculum.

“It’s been cool to interact with all of the different fields that are taught here,” says Rath. “We have instructors that are knowledgeable about plumbing, culinary arts, etc. They’re all excellent in their respective fields, but many of them have never taught before, so my role in the department I’m in is to help them develop interactive [lesson plans].”

According to Rath, the benefit of instructional design is twofold: teachers learn better ways to connect with students, and students have a better learning experience. It’s something he hopes to continue to be able to do for a while.