Career Development All-Star Series Showcases Film Grad Jose Figueroa-Baez

Full Sail recently welcomed 2009 Film graduate Jose Figueroa-Baez as the latest guest in the Career Development department’s All-Star Series, a new lecture program that brings grads back to campus to speak with current students about the industry.

Jose has built a successful career as a camera assistant in the growing New Orleans film community, with a string of credits that includes the television movies Swamp Shark and Revenge of the Bridesmaids, as well as the Discovery Channel series The Colony.

During his visit Jose discussed his experiences on these projects, as well as his own time as a student in the Film program, and how he took advantage of the different opportunities he had outside of class to learn more about the camera department.

“I just kept working with the equipment in the labs and tried to figure out how to frame things properly and use light in artistic ways,” he said. “That extra time I put in really helped me out after I graduated.”

Following the discussion Jose fielded questions from students, and offered his advice on building your name as a young artist, highlighting the advantage he had by choosing a smaller market as the starting place for his career.

“When you work somewhere like New Orleans you’ll start running into the same people over and over again, and it becomes like a family,” he said. “That’s pretty much how I’ve gotten most of my work, through people that know my personality and the quality of my work.”