Bringing Brand Campaigns to Life: Bryan Williams

Most of us are first introduced to the world of animation through kids-themed cartoon shows, but the breadth of the industry as a whole isn’t totally defined by eyes popping out of heads and anvils falling from the sky. As Senior Animator, Motion/Graphics at Providence-based communications firm (add)ventures, Bryan Williams uses his skills as an artist to bring brand campaigns and digital assets to life – building upon a love for animation that has been a part of his world since he was a member of the Saturday morning cartoon demographic.

“I always loved watching animated movies and cartoons and was curious about how they were made. I loved shows like  ’Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ ‘Ren and Stimpy,’ ‘Doug,’ and ‘Rugrats’ as a kid,” the Full Sail University Digital Arts & Design graduate says. “As I got older, my fascination with animation grew stronger and I decided this was something I wanted to pursue.”   

Although Bryan was interested in attending Full Sail, an urge to serve his country and explore the world led him to join the Air Force after high school. The experience took him around the world, and prepared him for his college education in more ways than one.

“To this day, I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the honor of serving the U.S. and the privilege of being based in Misawa, Japan,” he says. “The Air Force taught me a lot of discipline, structure respect, and teamwork – all of which prepared me for the demanding and exciting schedule at Full Sail. I learned early on during my time at Full Sail that your education is reflected by the hard work and countless hours you put into your portfolio, and the same type of commitment propels you forward throughout your career.”

After graduating from the Digital Arts & Design program and relocating to the northeast, Bryan worked as a motion graphic designer for a few companies before taking his current position at (add)ventures. The company provides strategy and creative services such as video, marketing/branding, design/production, and digital content for clients such as Marriott International, Timberland, CVS Health, Citi, Honeywell, and Johnson & Wales University. Bryan oversees the development of animation from concept to execution, working with the firm’s writers on scripts and then working in tandem with designers to conceptualize and refine project storyboards.

Bryan also works directly with the client, taking notes and maintaining communication throughout the process so that the end result is satisfying for both ends of the partnership. It’s a facet of his career that serves as one of the more gratifying parts of the process for him.

“Working through every element of the execution, delivering something that exceeds all expectations, and hearing the reactions of the client is the most rewarding element. Every client and every project brings a new challenge to overcome. Creative problem solving is something that I exercise every single day, and I can honestly say that I rarely know what to expect when I go into work,” Bryan says. “The work environment is creative and collaborative. It can also be intense, but in a good way. I love the intensity because it drives me to complete a project with tremendous focus. Seeing the work I can accomplish under really tight deadlines is always gratifying.”



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      Do you go to this college?

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