Beck’s ‘Song Reader’ Project: Day One [Video]

All week, 11 local Orlando bands will be visiting our flagship recording studio the Audio Temple to record interpretations of songs from Beck’s new album Song Reader, which was released only as sheet music. Advanced Session Recording Course Director Darren Schneider is producing and engineering these songs with the help of Recording Arts students, while instructors and students from the Film program are documenting the performances.

Check out the first three performances from the project below.

Franchise. Psychedelic/experimental group Franchise provide a spaced out, effects-heavy rendition of Beck’s “Last Night You Were A Dream.”

Theories of Everything. Recording Arts students Philip Spann, Emilio Leslie, Monroe Getz, and Adiambo Riley delivered a smooth version of “Eyes That Say ‘I Love You'” off of Beck’s Song Reader.

The Keith Hall Project. Online Music Production student Keith Hall and bandmates Corey Moseley, Jordan Nelson, and Andrew Kauffman drove through the night from Illinois to contribute to the project. The group recorded their version of Beck’s “Saint Dude.”