Battle a Wizard in Student Game ‘Frozen Flame’ [Play]

Battle a Wizard in Student Game 'Frozen Flame' [Play]

Last week, student team 8-bit Bacon from Bit Bosses Studio presented a demo of Frozen Frame, their final game project, during the Game Project Final Presentations in Full Sail Live. The team is made up of eight Game Art, Game Development, and Game Design Master’s students from their February 2013 graduating classes.

In the 3/4 view hack-n-slash game, the player controls a strong-armed warrior who is battling soldiers and mountain beasts inside of a mystical icy volcano. Players can use a sword of fire and ice to freeze or ignite opponents and other environmental hazards. The goal: kill the evil wizard that lives at the top of the mountain.

To watch a demo or download and play the game yourself, head over to Full Sail’s Game Project Web Portal.