Award-Winning Author/Entrepreneur Jim Randel Speaks with Students

Throughout his 30-year career, entrepreneur Jim Randel has amassed a collection of tips and principles that can be linked to personal and financial achievement. After graduating from Columbia University School of Law, Randel found success as  an attorney and investor, and eventually shifted his focus towards publishing, sharing his insight in books like Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma and the popular The Skinny On series.

Randel recently came to campus to speak to Full Sail students throughout his day-long visit. After meeting with a group of select students in a private Green Room event, Randel spoke to students in Artist Management, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, and Music Business Management courses about his experience and shared tips about finding professional and personal success.

After additional lectures in the Product and Artist Management and Project and Team Management classrooms, he also took the stage at the third and final installment of Career Development’s Networking Boot Camp Lecture Series, during which he stressed the importance of connecting with others and building on relationships to lead towards potential career opportunities.