At iSummit 2013, Panelists Discuss a Future Digital Workforce

Orlando is not typically known as a hub for digital entrepreneurs and web strategists, but that’s what it’s increasingly becoming. Whether or not the media is taking notice, there are startups launching, digital products and services being sold, and investment opportunities to be had. That was the overriding message at iSummit 2013, an Internet business conference that took place Oct. 1-2 at the Orange County Convention Center.

coxInternet Marketing Course Director Carol Cox weighed in on a panel called Re-envisioning the Digital Workspace. The panelists discussed the need for increasing collaboration among digital workers – who may or may not be local – and how offices are changing to accommodate that.

The panelists included Director of Creative Technology for ESPN David Saphirstein, who works out of the Full Sail University Sports Lab powered by ESPN; Ryan Campbell, Co-founder and CIO of Voxeo; Stephanie Darden, President of FDG Creative; Justin Davis, founder of Madera Labs; and Michael Parler, Chief Strategy Officer of Purple Rock Scissors.

“All of my students are online, so they’re all over the country and even across the world, and really, what I’m doing is teaching them and preparing them to work at your companies, to work virtually as well,” says Cox, who is also the President of InterMedia4Web. “How do you collaborate when you will never see each other face-to-face? What tools do you use, how do you handle conflict [and] disagreements? We really are preparing students for that.”