Art of Full Sail: September’s Most Popular Student Work [Photos]

Art of Full Sail: September's Most Popular Student Work [Photos]

Our Tumblr site – Art of Full Sail – showcases recent work created by students, faculty, and staff. Updated daily, the site features some incredible looking branding campaigns, concert posters, computer animation projects, and more. The pieces below were the most popular posts on the site in September, based on notes and page views. Check them out, then be sure to follow us on Tumblr for more inspiration. (Note: Each photo below links to the original Art of Full Sail post.)


Savion James-Marcelle (Digital Arts & Design, 2013 graduate) created this poster series for the Cartoon Network show “Young Justice.” Each poster is the top of one of the teen superheroes’ costumes.

“Frasier’s Apartment” is a 3D set recreation of the living room from the popular ’90s sitcom “Frasier.” It was created by Caro Cavanagh (Digital Arts & Design, 2013 graduate).

Cole Young (Computer Animation, 2013 graduate) created this Arctic Cat ATV for his hard surface modeling demo reel. You can see the complete reel (including this ATV in action) over on Art of Full Sail.

“Village Buildings” is an environment created by Tomas Gomez (Game Art, 2013 graduate.)

This great example of shading and lighting work was created by Maurizio Beltram (Computer Animation, 2013 graduate). His full demo reel is over at Art of Full Sail.



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