Art of Full Sail: March’s Most Popular Student Work

Our original Tumblr page, Art of Full Sail,  has been going strong for almost three years and is focused on projects created by students that range from illustrations to films, 3D models, video games, and more. Every month, we showcase the most popular posts based on notes and page views, and below is the wrap-up from March 2015. Check it out, then be sure to follow us on Tumblr for more inspiration. (Note: Each photo below links to the original post.)

Yasser VillarYasser Villar (2015 Digital Arts and Design graduate) created these tribute posters to the Gundam Series.

Paula CorralesPaula Corrales (2014 Digital Arts and Design graduate) created fictional branding of a Frida Kahlo-inspired bakery.

Men of This LifeThese behind the scenes photos are from the student film production of Men of This Life. See the project in its entirety by clicking through on the collage above.

Mario Leblanc

This still life was created by Mario Leblanc (2015 Computer Animation graduate) who was responsible for modeling, texturing, shading, and lighting.



One thought on “Art of Full Sail: March’s Most Popular Student Work

  1. Avatar Estephany says:

    The art of full sail have been developing many different creative and innovative projects that are helping to catch the attention of people specially students through illustrations, arts and some video games.

    On the second hand, the art of full sail is bringing to students magnificent benefits that they can use to get more knowledge about many different stuff.

    Overall, students can have a great experience because they can interact with others and learn about different concepts that they can develop through using art.

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