Art of Full Sail: February’s Most Popular Student Work

Our Tumblr site focused on student work – Art of Full Sail – includes student project over a variety of degree programs featuring demo reels, 3D models, and more. Below were the posts from February 2015. Check them out, then be sure to follow us on Tumblr for more inspiration. (Note: Each photo below links to the original post.)

Russel MixonTalos decks is a fictional skate deck company branded by Russel Mixon (2015 Digital Arts and Design graduate) that he created branding and an identity for. In his own words, “In Greek mythology, Talos was the protector of Crete, nicknamed the bronze bull. He was a powerful, reliable force, said to be made of bronze, something this company vows to model and build their decks like.” See the rest of the work by clicking on the photo above.

Samuel SloverAutumn Cottage is a project by Samuel Slover (2015 Computer Animation graduate) where he was responsible for the modeling, UVing, texturing/hand painting, assembling, and lighting.

cry wolfCry Wolf is a third person stealth strategy game developed by a team of Game Design and Game Development students who were responsible for the artwork, coding, and functionality of the project. Watch a play through of the game or download a copy of it on the Game Project Portal.

Samuel GreubelThis still is from the shading and lighting demo reel of Samuel Greubel (2015 Computer Animation graduate). Click through on the photo to see the finished project and his demo reel that also features the breakdown of a rustic kitchen scene and others.

Jeremy GarciaThese screen caps are from the demo reel of Jeremy Garcia (2015 Digital Arts and Design graduate). Click through above to see the demo reel in action.



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    That was a nice post.Thats a good way for students to share their works. can be the game that they are working on, the 3D model that some student did or even those demo reels.

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    Artists that are interested in mentorship from a twenty five year Game industry veteran should come check out my page.

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