April Game Final Project Presentations

Two student groups from Seal of Approval Studio presented the end results of months of designing, coding, hard work, problem-solving, and precision at the Game Project Final Presentations this month. Students, faculty, and family members gathered in the Full Sail Live Venue to check out what the students had to offer on the day before their graduation from Full Sail.

Sheeple puts players into a comic book-styled world where they must maneuver their way through hordes of mindless clique members by slapping them silly. If any group reaches more than 20 members, players run the risk of becoming converted into their clique.

The cleverly-titled Monsieur Must Stash borrows from several game genres, including puzzle, action, and strategy games. Players take on the role of an art thief in a French Noir Cartoon stylized setting, as they race against the clock to escape the museum with stolen artifacts before Pierre the guard awakes.

The Game Project Final Presentations require Game Development students to come together as a team and pitch an idea for a complete game. Once an idea gets approved, they team with Game Art and Recording Arts students to develop the project to its completion and present it before an auditorium of faculty, guests, and students.