Announcing Full Sail University’s Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting

Full Sail University, in collaboration with legendary sportscaster Dan Patrick, is excited to announce the new Sportscasting bachelor’s program.

Available on campus and online, this bachelor of science degree combines the professional expertise of sportscasters with the production technologies that are shaping the world of sports.

Through project-based curriculum, students in this program will gain real-world experience as they focus on the constantly evolving needs of the industry. They’ll also get ongoing feedback from a team of faculty who are active professionals themselves.

Recognized as one of the industry’s top sports broadcasters, Dan Patrick was heavily involved with the development of this program.

“I’m regularly being asked how to get into the industry, and I was meeting college graduates who weren’t getting practical experience as part of their degrees. This program is designed to develop well-rounded grads who are just as strong on camera as they are behind the scenes.”

He cites Full Sail’s agile approach to curriculum as a deciding factor to partner up.

“How we consume sports is changing almost daily. What’s important is what’s important now. Is it going to be important in six weeks, six months from now? We have to be able to adapt. That’s the beauty about Full Sail. We adapt to what the industry is doing, and that helps the student,” he says.