Angela Hemingway: One of Seven Grads on the Hit ‘Evil Dead’

The horror remake Evil Dead topped the box office this past weekend, bringing in over $26 million in its first three days of release. This re-imagining of director Sam Raimi’s original Dead series has been met with praise for its fresh take on the material, as well as limited use of computer generated effects.

Not just a welcome throwback for classic horror fans, the film’s reliance on makeup and practical effects also made its postproduction a memorable experience for 2006 Entertainment Business graduate Angela Hemingway, who worked on it as dialog editor.

“Usually when I get a horror film the effects aren’t finished yet, so it’s not too bad, but there was barely any CGI in this film and I get scared really easily,” she says. “They did a lot of the gore on set, like they did in the 80s, and it all looks very real. So when it got dark outside I literally had to stop working. I was that scared.”

Angela worked on Evil Dead at Sonic Magic Studios in Culver City, California, an audio postproduction facility where she was joined by six other alumni who also contributed to its soundtrack. These grads come from our Recording Arts, Film, and Entertainment Business programs, and include:

  • Robert Dehn – Studio Manager (Entertainment Business, 2006)
  • Jason Gaya – ADR Mixer (Recording Arts, 2006)
  • Richard Kitting – Additional Re-Recording Mixer (Recording Arts, 2003)
  • Leah Putlek – Sound Effects Editor (Recording Arts, 2012)
  • Spencer Schwietwerman – Foley Mixer (Recording Arts, 2011)
  • Zachary Schmitt – Foley Editor (Film, 2012)

It’s always tricky revisiting a classic, but the reception from both fans and critics has been encouraging for this update of the Evil Dead franchise, and there’s already been word from director Fede Alvarez that a sequel is in the works. It doesn’t come as a surprise to Angela, who admits an early confidence that this wasn’t going to be your typical remake.

“I remember there was a trailer for it that was cut for Comicon last year, and everyone was freaking out over it,” she says. “The buzz has been insane for months, and it’s exciting to be a part of. They did a phenomenal job of the story and makeup, it’s a great film, and I love seeing how much people like it.”