Alumni Find Success in South Korea’s Media Arts Industry


Full Sail graduates can be found living and working across the globe, and we recently caught up with some of our alumni who have developed successful careers in Seoul, South Korea. Over dinner at Suraon Restaurant in the Gangnam District, members of our International Outreach team got a chance to hear about the recent career moves from the following grads.

  • Heonbyung Chae  aka “Richard” (Game Development, 2009) has worked with such gaming companies as Nexon Ndoors and Atlantica Online, where he was a software developer for Three Kingdoms, an online MMORPG/simulation strategy game. He is currently developing mobile games as the owner of SKYZOASOFT Co. in South Korea.
  • Seokwoo Choi (Show Production, 1999) has worked with Starsound Electronics and Star Networks specializing in creative LED solutions for concert events and television.
  • Alan Dugger (Recording Arts, 2005; Entertainment Business, 2006) is currently teaching English at an elementary school in South Korea. Alan has acted in a number of television commercials and dramas, and has also helped one of the largest universities in Korea publish its own campus newspaper.
  • Hyunwoo Rhee (Recording Arts, 1999) has worked with numerous K-pop artists as a producer and recording engineer. He is the owner of HESSED & Company Inc. and Studio Tomorrow – offering record label, commercial music, and post-production services. Hyunwoo also owns a stop motion film production company with an exclusive partnership to use Sanrio’s intellectual property rights for their characters, including Hello Kitty.
  • Joon Hyuk Seong aka “Hawk” (Show Production, 2002) is a business owner/partner of Spark Production in Seoul. Hawk has worked on several prominent festivals with the local Korean government, including handling concerts and fireworks in the Jeju Province. He is currently working with Cirque du Soleil as a show director to bring the act to South Korea.
  • DuckJae Shin (Recording Arts, 2002) is currently a producer and engineer for church organizations, and works on various television network projects. He is also the studio owner of Consolidated Design for Sound in Seoul.