Alex Jackson: Creating Audiobooks at Brilliance Audio

In the four months since Alex Jackson started working at Brilliance Audio, he hasn’t had a single boring moment. “I’m doing something different every day and it’s always a positive to meet your favorite authors,” says the Recording Arts grad. Alex is talking about people like Dean Koontz and Samuel L. Jackson, just a few of the big names that visit Brilliance Audio to meet with staff and record audiobooks.

As an audio engineer, Alex’s job is to cover all the steps in the audiobook recording process — studio recording, editing, post-production, etc. Sometimes he’s working with the author, sometimes with a professional voice actor, who read the book exactly as it’s written, line by line.

He and his team also navigate any copyright issues they encounter along the way, making sure to gather all the proper rights for the audiobooks and any corresponding music they may use in the recording. “It’s a pretty complicated process — much less straightforward than I thought it would be.”

An avid reader himself, Alex has had an hour-a-day reading routine since he was a kid. Working in the world of books and authors while still doing what he was professionally trained to do has been a dream come true.

“It brings such a huge sense of accomplishment for me, especially right now when it’s hard to find a good job in any field,” says Alex. “I feel really lucky to be do something that I love so much.”