Aircraft Manufacturer Embraer to Launch Design Competition

Aircraft Manufacturer Embraer to Launch Design Competition

Aircraft manufacturer Embraer is looking for a new internal video for their executive line of jets, so they’ve teamed up with Full Sail to launch the Embraer Design Competition. The competition kicks off this Friday, when Embraer’s Vice President of Interior Design, Jay Beever, will visit campus to share contest details and rules.

Students from across degree programs will be asked to team up and create a pitch for a short (one-to-two minute) digitally-animated video that showcases current Embraer executive jets. The ideas is to create what looks like a movie trailer, complete with action-packed Hollywood-like elements. (Embraer will be providing digital assets of the plane for students to use in their videos; students will need to sign non-disclosure agreements.) Student teams will pitch storyboard concepts to Jay during presentations to be held on campus next month.

“We’re developing products for the future, and internally, we want our interiors to build excitement and optimism for our brand,” says Jay. “The best way to tell this story is through visuals, and Powerpoint isn’t enough.”

Jay hopes the collaboration between Embraer and Full Sail will help students bolster their portfolios and gain more exposure. An added perk: the winning team will get a tour and executive jet experience during a visit to Embraer’s facilities in Melbourne, Florida. (Online students would have to be able to get themselves to Melbourne for this.)

If you’re interested in participating, don’t miss Friday’s presentation at 3 p.m. in FS3F-Room 114, where Jay will share concept ideas and other Design Competition details. The competition is open to all campus and online students. Livestream information for Friday’s event will be available on the Blog Calendar Event Listing as soon as we have it.