Admissions Launches “Full Sail Facebook Connect” Facebook App

facebook schools app

The Full Sail Admissions department has introduced a new way to help prospective and incoming students connect with each other. The “Full Sail Facebook Connect” Facebook application – which launches today – is a private social networking app that provides a community for prospective students to meet other people, share their thoughts, and ask questions.

The app was licensed exclusively for Full Sail from Inigral, which built the application in partnership with Facebook and The Bill Gates Foundation. It looks just like a typical Facebook Fan page, but lives on the left hand side of Facebook’s homepage, so it won’t clog your feed. Admissions reps will monitor the forum to answer any questions that come up, but the goal is mainly for students to get the chance to start networking before they even get to campus.

The Schools application is invitation-only, but you can request an invite by contacting a Full Sail Admissions Representative at 800.226.7625.