7 Ways to Have a Productive (and Awesome) Spring Break

Who’s ready for Spring Break?

Whether you’ve got awesome travel plans, are heading back home, or are just hanging around campus for the week, we’ve got a few suggestions for how to have a fulfilling few days away from school.

Reach out to potential employers. Career Development Advisor Tony Mardini suggests that students nearing graduation call studios or companies they’re interested in interning or working at to find out who they should send their resume to. “Have a script ready. It just needs to be a couple of sentences,” says Tony. “Something like, ‘Good morning, my name is Tony and I’m about to graduate from Full Sail. I’m calling to find out who I should send my resume to for applying for an internship.'” Tony suggests reaching out to 3-5 studios or companies – it will be motivating to know people are interested in seeing your resume.

See a movie. A few of the new releases in theaters now include Captain America: The Winter Soldier (which several Full Sail grads worked on), Transcendence, Oculus, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Noah.



Volunteer Your Time. Helping out a nonprofit organization is an easy, rewarding way to make your resume more impressive and earn GPS points. Kari Ramirez in Full Sail’s Professional Development department suggests checking the Community Volunteer Opportunities page on Connect, which provides information on both local and national organizations in need of volunteers.

Play a game. Settle in for a gaming marathon with one of the popular recent releases like Titanfall, Dark Souls II, or Infamous: Second Son.

Revamp your social media sites. Spring Break is a good time to start making sure your social media accounts are appropriate for a professional environment, says Career Development Advisor Jess Pollak. “Make sure you’re following the up and comers in your industry and you’re interacting with them as well,” she says. Jess also suggests getting on LinkedIn and connecting with grads from your degree program who are currently working in the industry. “A lot of Full Sail grads are willing to help other grads,” she says. “It’s all about getting in touch and networking with them.”

Go to a show. If you’re staying near campus for Spring Break, artists stopping by Orlando include Manchester Orchestra (April 19, House of Blues Orlando), Cloud Nothings (April 21, The Social), and Tycho (April 25, The Beacham). If you’re elsewhere, you can see what concerts are happening in your hometown on pollstar.com.

Catch up on sleep. Don’t forget to get some rest, so you can come back from break the week after next ready to conquer all of your coursework.

Any other ideas? Tell us about them in the comments below!



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