Coming Soon: Full Sail’s 12 Days of Gear Giveaway

Coming Soon: Full Sail's 12 Days of Gear Giveaway




UPDATE: 12 Days of Gear is live! Visit to enter now.

Below is a full list of the prizes up for grabs. Good luck!

Monday, December 2: Google ChromeCast
Tuesday, December 3: MLG Professional Gaming Controller & Hoodie
Wednesday, December 4: Director’s Viewfinder & Mechanix Gloves
Thursday, December 5: Oxygen 25 Keyboard & Logitech UE Mini Boom Box
Friday, December 6: Sennheiser HD280 Headphones & e835 Mic
Saturday, December 7: Mystery Box
Sunday, December 8: Wacom Intuos Medium Tablet & Canon Printer
Monday, December 9: M-Audio BX5 D2, Avid Fast Track, & Pro Tools
Tuesday, December 10: GoPro Hero3+ & Grab Bag of Mounts
Wednesday, December 11: Xbox One & Call of Duty: Ghosts
Thursday, December 12: Playstation 4 & Call of Duty: Ghosts
Friday, December 13: iPad Air

We’re excited to announce that the 12 Days of Gear Giveaway is back for another year. Last year, 12 lucky winners won prizes like an Apple iPad, a GoPro camera, and more. Well, this year, the prizes are bigger and better. You told us on Facebook that you wanted us to give away a Playstation 4, and we’ve noted that (wink wink). But what other prizes do you want to win this year? Let us know what’s on your gear wish list in the comments below.

The 12 Days of Gear Giveaway will kick off on Monday, December 2, and run through Friday, December 13. Be sure to check back here in the coming weeks, as we’ll be updating this blog post with the full list of this year’s prizes and sharing the official 12 Days of Gear Giveaway link where you’ll be able to enter to win. Good luck!



53 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Full Sail’s 12 Days of Gear Giveaway

  1. Brian Bailone says:

    Nintendo 3DS

  2. Alberto says:

    xboxone, astro headsets, gaming mouse(ir Razer or something of the sort), gunnars, turtle beach headsets, ps4 or xboxone games, guitars, nintendo wii u. webcams, mics,

  3. Duriel says:

    Playstation vita, xboxOne, GoPro Camera, Tv,

  4. Mike Aurin says:

    Can you just give me a substantial amount off of my tuition?

    1. Ricky Kendall II says:

      I second that!

      1. Yvonne says:

        I want that too.

    2. Tracy Masters says:

      Well you could sell whatever you win but…..I guess if I won, not sure I would want to.

      1. Eric says:

        You could sell whatever you win and it will pay for 1/2 of 1 4-hour lab.

  5. JamesPowell75 says:


  6. Angela Streit says:

    50″ TV

  7. Hunter says:

    Steam game codes, steam wallet codes, (you can even get some codes when black friday sales come around…save some money) and then the big surprise gifts are always nice

  8. Ricardo Mantilla says:

    Canon 5D Mark III, photography kit (lights, flash, etc)

  9. Gavin Fischer says:

    When it comes to new gear, I would love production quality microphones or electronic keyboard (full size). I would also love for Full Sail to provide Z Brush, that could but a great prize to win too.

  10. Brad S says:

    GoPro and accessories…a nice DSLR…a nice camcorder maybe? Ipad and production teleprompter package. Pretty much any gear I could use in content production would be worth it for me. Panasonic HPX300

  11. Vernon Nielsen says:

    recording gear, mic’s, interfaces, consoles for mixing on mac,essential plug in software avid hardware like the eleven rack. A complete avid S6 console(*snickers*).

  12. Vernon Nielsen says:

    samsung s4 with a 2 year activation

  13. Kayla Degenhardt says:

    Bose headphones, Wacom tablet, Canon DSLRs, Mac monitors tripods, Timbuk2 backpacks, Logitech mice

  14. rob says:

    Xbox one

  15. Brad Williams says:

    DSLR, Wacom tablet, iPad Air.

  16. James Santiago says:

    BEATS BY DRE EXECUTIVE , Amazon/Target Gift card, iPad

  17. Ricky Kendall II says:

    AKG 414, iRig HD (iPhone guitar sim), Komplete 9

  18. Jeff Thompson says:

    Glidecam, slider, crane, Rokinon Cine Lens.

  19. LeMike65 says:


    1- An Xbox One to develop games for (can be used to test games I build in a console).

    2- One internship in a company from the Game Industry.

    What? Can’t a guy dream?

  20. Josh Taylor says:

    I’m a Game Art student, so my random suggestions:

    [1] PS4
    [2] XBox One
    [3] 1-2 Year Subscription to 3D Motive, Eat3D, or 3D Buzz
    [4] Unity Developers License
    [5] iPad
    [6] Android Tablet
    [7] Laptop / Desktop?
    [8] Wacom (Cintiq? :P)
    [9] Steam codes
    [10] TV
    [11] Tuition Discount
    [12] Software: nDo2, CrazyBump, MarmoSet, MudBox (Online students already have access to photoshop, ZBrush, and Autodesk Suite – perhaps giveaway for campus only?)
    [13] Gas Cards
    [14] Netflix Subscription
    [15] 1on1 Q&A with industry leader/successful alumni?
    [16] Obvious one, bundle pack with Full Sail swag.

    I’m sure there’s hundreds more!

  21. Jesus Jaimes says:

    I would love to win an Alienware Gaming laptop, por favor?

  22. Thee Giantz says:

    I want a Ps4!!! All stores near me arr sold out within minutes of new shipment.

    1. Chris Phillips says:

      The stores around me too are sold out! XD

  23. imane nicholas says:

    dslr cameras or some cool headphones

  24. Chris Phillips says:

    Sigh, I could use a new fast laptop so i can get done with my Graduation project at my school. 🙁 But the chances of winning this contest is not in my favor.

  25. Robert Warren says:

    Note 10.1 2014 edition Tablet

  26. Robert Warren says:

    Nexus 10 2014 edition

  27. Robert Warren says:

    iPad Air

  28. Kalin Adams says:

    How about a tuition full ride? Sounds like a winner to me

  29. Cyndy Wetzel says:

    I suppose a MacBook Pro is out of the question?

  30. Cyndy Wetzel says:

    Wait, I’ve got it! ShoPro & Touring swag- tshirt, hoodie, polo, coffee mug, etc.

  31. Rubiks015 says:

    How about the new Mac Pro (aka The Trashcan)? Might be a bit too pricey though…

  32. Denys Marrow says:

    Wacom Tablet, iPad Mini, a Canon or Nikon

  33. Yvonne says:

    Wow, that will be so exciting. A 15inch MacBook Pro will be perfect. Can’t wait that day.

  34. Talon Stockwell says:

    I’ve always wanted Beats by Dre and the 5th generation ipod touch, but couldn’t afford to get it 🙁 It could really help me with making music and also just for when i’m bored and want to listen to music(: please?

  35. Dequan Floyd says:

    Do we have to live on campus to win anything, and if will it be shipped off to the students that don’t live on campus?

    1. Amy Cassell Amy Cassell says:

      Hey Dequan – There are no restrictions for entering: you don’t have to be a student and you don’t have to be on campus. If you win a prize, it can be shipped to you. Good luck!

  36. Mary Jokinen says:

    professional headphones, android tablet, touchscreen laptops, gift cards (best buy,radio shack,guitar center), instruments or accessories, …another ps4? *wink*

  37. Mary-Ann Ferree says:

    Drone, GoPro Camera, 27″ iMac with Logic – to start – thank you!!!

  38. HollaCreamsicle says:

    Amazon gift card

    Hotel/airline gift cards (useful to travel for job-hunting(


  39. Loren Maxwell says:

    I vote for a round trip visit to Full Sail to meet all my amazing instructors and the people that have made it all possible (thank you Robert Nusum & Alexa Partridge)!

  40. Ian Vanderwall says:

    Will the daily entry forms be posted starting on the 2nd or are they already posted? I can’t find them.

  41. Roger Alfonso Rengifo Carrizo says:

    My suggestions are:

    [1] PS4
    [2] XBox One
    [3] 1-2 Year Subscription to 3D Motive, Eat3D, or 3D Buzz
    [10] TV
    [6] Android Tablet
    [9] Steam codes

  42. jaimi wachniak says:

    Where is the form to sign up at?

    1. jaimi wachniak says:

      I don’t see it?

      1. Amy Cassell Amy Cassell says:

        Hi Jaimi – You can enter to win daily over at Good luck!

  43. Timothy Broadus says:

    this would be great to start my full sail experience !!

  44. Duvan Zapata says:

    I love to have the ps4 for a gift to may son now that he told me he wants to be a Game Art designer.

  45. Erik says:

    I certainly hope I can win a Xbox One or PS4….I’m honestly hoping for the PS4 the most. I’ve been wanting the PS4 since I’ve hear about it, because from what I’ve heard it was made with the developers in mind. Meaning that this generation of gaming is going to be the best experience we have yet to even experience by far. That and the hardware I will be developing on has less restrictions….,but a Xbox One would be impressive nonetheless!

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