12 alumni on Full Sail’s Game Advisory Board Panel return to speak with students

As students in Full Sail University’s Game School progress through their programs and get closer to graduation, their excitement (and anxiousness) to get started in the industry grows and grows. Questions may race through their heads – what are employers looking for when they hire? How can I stand out in the crowd? And what is it really like to make video games for a living?

Full Sail recently gave students a chance to get the answers to these questions and many more, with a recent visit from the Game Advisory Board. Comprised of 12 Full Sail Game School grads, these industry professionals work to ensure that Full Sail provides a curriculum that gives students the optimal educational experience that can propel them into their careers. The Advisory Board consists of Kerry Allen (2006, Electronic Arts), Vernon Dunmore (2004, Play-dom/Disney), 2011 Hall of Fame inductee Jameson Durall (2001, Volition), Troy Humphreys (2002, High Moon), Nick Lance (2009, 38 Studios), Shaun McCabe (2001, Insomniac), Ari Patrick (2010, ID), Elbert Perez(2005, independent), Rusty Sempsrott (2006, Volition), Keith Staines (2003, High Moon), Josh Stefanski (2007, Electronic Arts), and Clayton Vaught (2006, Blizzard).

During their panel discussion in the Full Sail Live Venue, the grads spoke candidly about their experiences in the game industry after Full Sail, and offered up advice to students wondering where their own paths will take them after graduation. They also offered up advice on career management and answered questions during an open Q&A session. The panel also stayed on campus to attend this month’s Game Final Project Presentations.